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Call Out Charges 

Our call out charges are dependent on the distance you are from us, and range from £45.00 to £70.00*

If you would like to bring your equipment to out shop in NW7, this can be arranged by appointment. 

Service Charges

We have a range of service charges for in store and at your address 


Tri Walker £30.00 to £65.00

Manual Wheelchair £38.00 to 65.00

Bathlift £38.00 to £75.00

Mobility Scooter £60.00 to £75.00 

Electric Wheelchairs & Powerchairs £60.00 to £75.00

Hoists & Stand Aid £60.00 to £75.00

Hospital Beds £85.00

Air Mattresses & Cushions £58.00

Riser Recliners £75.00

Additions: Battery load test (graphs available upon request) £10.00 

* prices can change. Please call our friendly sales staff for a up to date price.