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Battery Care

Here are some simple rules for proper battery charging. 

  • Use the scooter/powerchair manufacturer's charger for all routine charging. Leave your charger turned on whenever possible, you cannot over charge a battery)
  • Never run your battery completely flat. 
  • Charge your battery regularly, even if not using your equipment. 
  • Daily users should charge their batteries daily, preferably for at least 8-10 hours (smaller batteries), 10-12 hours (larger batteries).
  • Infrequent users (once or twice a week for short distances), should charge their batteries once a week for at least 10 hours. 
  • if you are not using your equipment, you should charge your batteries once a fortnight for at least 10 hours. 
  • DO NOT UNDERCHARGE, this may damage the batteries if operated over a long period of time with insufficient charge, thereby reducing the efficiency and the distance you can travel. 
The distance you can expect from fully charged batteries will be greatly influenced by motor, weight of user and terrain. 

Some sample distances are: 

12amp batteries ~ 6-8 miles

18amp batteries ~ 8-10 miles 

35amp batteries ~ 15-18 miles 

50amp batteries ~ 20 miles

75amp batteries ~ 20-22 miles 

We work with a well-established insurance company to bring you peace of mind for your equipment, helping to prevent large unexpected bills. 

Their services include 

  • Insurance 
  • Roadside Recovery 
  • Extended Warranty 

Scooter & Powerchair Insurance 

  • Accidental Damage Cover 
  • Fire Damage Cover 
  • Loss or Damage caused by theft or attempted theft 
  • Storm Damage Cover 
  • 45 day world wide cover 
  • Public liability up to £2 million
  • Temporary cover to loan equipment of similar value whilst your product is with the dealer
  • 'Get-you-home' expenses following an accident 
  • New for old replacement if the damage exceeds 60% of the replacement value during the first 3 years, assuming the product is new. 
  • No excess
  • No claims bonus scheme 
  • Carer congingent liability 
  • Temporary hire costs cover
  • Personal injury benefits up to £2000
  • Personal effects cover up to £250
  • Loss of key cover up to £50
  • Any driver 
Maximum value of product £6000.

Extended Warranty 

Scooter & Powerchair 

Cover for new & used products against unforeseen electrical and mechanical failure when the manufacturers warranty has expired. All relevant call out charges, labour and parts costs are covered. 

Maximum value of product £6000

24/7 Roadside Recovery 

Scooters & Powerchairs 

  • An exclusive recovery service provides assistance following electrical or mechanical breakdown or your vehicle. Immobilisation of your vehicle as a result of accident, tyre puncture, flat battery, vandalism or attempted theft. 
  • Get you and your vehicle back to your home address up to 20 miles.
  • Gets you and your vehicle back to your temporary address (or holiday home) up to 20 miles as long as the address is in the UK.
  • A maximum of 6 call outs per year.
  • Service available 24 hours an day - 7 days a week.
  • Coverage throughout the UK including Northern Island, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. 

Homecare Insurance 

Homecare will cover

  • Stairlifts 
  • Riser Recliners
  • Profiling & Hospital Beds 
  • Bathlifts 
  • Mobility Hoists 
Protection for you and your product in the event of accident, theft and even vandalism. 
  • Accidental damage cover 
  • Fire damage cover 
  • Flood damage cover 
  • loss or damage caused by theft or attempted theft 
  • Storm damage cover
  • New for old replacement if the damage exceeds 60% of the replacement value during the first 24 months, assuming the product is new.
  • No excess
  • No claims bonus scheme
  • Direct payment to repairers.